What’s So Catchy about the Hyundai Super Bowl 50 Ad – “First Date”?

2016-hyundai-genesis-ext-21-pamplona red-download

As we are all aware, Hyundai Motor America has been entertaining and captivating audiences with their crazy and out-of-the-box TV commercials featuring some of the best talents in Hollywood. Each ad relates to something that every normal suburban family faces daily and how having the best car can help them get out of sticky situations.

One such ad is the “First Date” Ad featuring famous comedian/celebrity Kevin Hart that shows the great lengths that any suburban dad will go to to protect their precious teenage daughters. The ad showcases the 2016 Hyundai Genesis and its unique Hyundai Blue Link Car Finder feature. Kevin Hart is the obsessive dad that allows his daughter’s date to take his Hyundai Genesis to drive them around only to allow him to use the car’s special ‘car finder’ feature to track the couple everywhere they go.

After being followed by Kevin to the movies, the amusement park, and even a secret romantic spot, the date gives up and drives the daughter home. The Super Bowl ad closes with the line – “a dad’s gotta do what a dad’s gotta do”. Surely all the overprotective fathers out there are going to want to own this car.

Hyundai US has used its modern creativity coupled with old-fashioned thinking to sell the latest Hyundai Genesis to the public as well as highlight the Hyundai Blue Link Car Finder feature which is what makes the “First Date” ad so catchy and fun.

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