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Night Out In Riverside

At CardinaleWay Hyundai we would like to suggest a fun evening out that maybe you haven’t thought of. We’ve all done the traditional Girls Night Out or Guys Night Out in Riverside. But, what if you didn’t have to get all dressed up? There’s more to do in Riverside than meeting for dinner and then going for drinks. Did you ever think of taking a cooking class? Well at CardinaleWay Hyundai in Corona, CA, a Hyundai dealer California, that’s exactly what we are suggesting.

If Food Is Your Passion

If you have a passion for food and are always looking for new recipes to pique your interest, then a cooking class sounds like fun, doesn’t it? Well, grab your friends for a one-of-a-kind night out to learn prep and cooking tips and watch classic techniques demonstrated. There are instructors at Migliore Gourmet Foods on Canyon Crest Drive and at the #UrbanKitchen on Fair Oaks Drive.

Create New Fans of Your Own

Why not celebrate your passion for cooking with a class that’s big on flavor and small on pretense? We’ve all heard of Julia Child, Martha Stewart and Rachel Ray, but you can create your own fans with dishes full of flavor and visual impact. Learn techniques from French to Mexican to Thai street food. Discover recipes that are ideal for middle of the week dinners or weekend and holiday entertaining.

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