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Hyundai At The 2016 Busan International Motor Show

RM16 Concepyt

The powertrain of the N 2025 Vision Gran Turismo from Hyundai is powered by the first mass-produced hydrogen fuel cell system in the world from Hyundai thus stressing on the passion of Hyundai Motor for enhanced sustainability and performance.

The rigid CGRP structure and the fuel cell stacks that are quite lightweight help to reduce the vehicle’s weight to 972 kg. This gives the vehicle a superb power-to-weight ratio that can compete with the most superb supercars that are available in the world. Its center of gravity is low and the performance and power enables it to do excessively well even on race track.

The vehicle draws its inspirations from the speed and aerodynamics making the N 2025 Vision Gran Turismo appear like a jet fighter plane on wheels blurring all possible differences between asphalt and air.

The vehicle has been designed by Hyundai Motor to look as if it has been floating. The N 2025 will be appearing exclusively on Playstation 4 a Gran Turismo Sport’ in November 2016. It will present the future potential of N and the passion of the company for delivering high performance cars to millions of potential consumers all over the world.

The impressive booth of Hyundai Motor at Busan International Motor Show concentrates o showcasing the latest models and high-performance technologies of Hyundai. It also showcases the path of the future technology strategies Hyundai Motor plans to take.

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