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Our CardinaleWay Hyundai Service Team Recommends This Book – Your Vehicle’s Owner’s Manual

Thursday, April 27th, 2017

Car Owner's Manual

Have you ever actually looked at your Hyundai’s Owner’s Manual tucked away in your glove box?  At #CardinaleWayHyundai in Corona, our Service Technicians highly recommend reading this very important manual. It’s filled with informative details about how your vehicle operates, important safety information and routine maintenance recommendations.

Everything You Want to Know About Your Hyundai

Whether you just earned your license or have been driving for years, knowing the details of how your vehicle operates is important. Today’s newer vehicles have so much new technology that is designed to keep you safe and your eyes on the road.  If you know how to operate all the bells and whistles it will make your life easier! Your Owner’s Manual contains descriptions, illustrations and detailed instructions on every aspect of your vehicle. For example, if you get a flat tire, you’ll find step by step instructions to help you change it efficiently and safely.

Read It Before You Need It

Rather than waiting until you have engine problems or a breakdown, it’s wise to review your Owner’s Manual when you buy your vehicle. With one quick review, you’ll know when you need to perform routine and preventative maintenance, so your car will keep running smoothly and efficiently. It’s also smart to learn what your warranty covers so you can budget accordingly. At the very least, become familiar with all the warning lights, so if one illuminates, you know what action to take and when.

Bring Your Vehicle to CardinaleWay Hyundai In Corona

If you can’t find your Owner’s Manual or you don’t understand something you’ve read, no worries. The #CardinaleWayHyundaiService technicians can explain how your vehicle operates and provide any necessary service it needs. We can probably order a replacement Owner’s Manual for you, as well.

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