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Next Generation Hyundai I30 Caught With Camouflage


Though there have been plenty of pictures of the Hyundai I30 earlier, all of them had disguised or heavily camouflaged a few of its cue lines. However, some recent pictures have revealed what the new generation I30 will look like.

This particular I30 was discovered hauling a small-sized trailer at the Alps and it appeared that it was being done to test the model’s powertrain. As of now, there are no details of the details of the powertrain possessed by this specific model. It is also observed that the vehicle is a single exhaust hence it could be still the 2.0 Not Applicable.

A new facelift has been given to the vehicle’s front and though it was known earlier too, this time it could be clearly seen devoid of the heavy camouflage.

A fresh bumper design along with a smaller grill has the earlier design but its proportions are much smaller. However, its emblem has been made much bigger this time around.

I30’s headlights have also been updated and their sizes have been reduced in comparison to its earlier generation. There are two new projectors right next to the vehicle’s high beam shroud. Even the fog light of the vehicle has given an entirely fresh look and design. It combines the fog light on its bottom and the DRL on its right side.

The rear occupants of an I30 are likely to have greater headroom as compared to its previous generation vehicles since the roof line and the window size have been altered.

Hyundai’s new generation of Elantra GT/I30 is supposed to be unveiled by 2017.

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