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Hyundai Motor Company Named a Top Green Company by Newsweek

Sonata Hybrid

The Newsweek Green Rankings have achieved the feat of being one of the top environmental rankings for the corporate world since 2009. It reviews the 500 biggest publicly-traded organizations in America along with 500 biggest publicly-traded organizations all over the world as far as their environmental performance is concerned. This year, the Newsweek Green Rankings have honored the Hyundai Motor Company.

According to Mike O’ Brien, Vice President of Hyundai Motor, United States for the corporate and product planning division, Newsweek’s recognition comes as reinforcement to Hyundai’s commitment towards reducing their global carbon footprint. The VP also added that the carmaker will continue to focus on ensuring the eco-friendliness of its Blue Drive lineup in the various segments.

As part of Hyundai’s eco-friendly initiative, the Hyundai Ioniq will be introduced in the latter half of this year. It will mark the arrival of the first car from Hyundai that will be offered in three different electric versions in the United States.

The Newsweek Green Rankings of 2016 measured the big public companies’ environmental performance through 8 well-defined KPIs or Key Performance Indicators. The evaluation technique used is based on rules and is clear. The process used satisfies that check of being replicated by a 3rd party. The overall score of a company is the weighted mean of the scores of all these 8 KPIs.

Blue Drive from Hyundai is an array of eco-friendly technologies and products that are particularly designed for improving its vehicles’ fuel efficiency.

Hyundai’s Blue Drive strategy is aimed to produce fuel-efficient and low-carbon vehicles that are capable of minimizing fuel consumption of the vehicles and lower the emission of carbon dioxide in the environment. Thus, the vehicles indent to meet attributes such as environmental preservation and the social requirement for mobility.

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