Smartphones In Autos Charging Ahead

Hyundai 2

Remember the first time you rode in a car with a phone?  It was a cool but odd feeling to be speaking to someone on a phone in the car.  My how far things have come.  In the past decade, automakers have been focused on increasing connectivity in their vehicles. Today, most car buyers expect technology in a car.  It’s really no longer an option.

Laird, a global technology company specializing in wireless applications, says we shouldn’t throw out our charging cables just yet, but significant improvement for battery life is on the horizon.  It’s estimated that by 2020 there will be about 6.1 billion smartphones worldwide and better solutions for charging them will be expected. Laird also states that about 70% of people use their smartphone while driving.  This usage not only includes talking and texting, but GPS navigation, streaming music from apps like Pandora or vehicle manufacturer information look-up apps.

Noticeably, carmakers have attended to this increase by adding more power outlets and USB ports to today’s new cars.  An improvement for sure, but not the optimum solution.  We still need to keep up with charging hardware and fight a maze of wires.  What if all you had to do was to place a smartphone equipped for wireless charging on a compatible charging pad and that pad was in your car?  Better, right?   Stay tuned as the future unfolds.  Consumers will require better power options for their devices everywhere they go.  Automakers are paying attention.

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