Powertrain of the Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell


The main components in a vehicle that gets it going by generating power on the road is known as the power train of the vehicle. Exceptional engine transmissions, differentials, energize the Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell. The key element of eco friendliness has taken on a global importance in recent years and Hyundai has created a new breed of hybrid-electric engines to address the goal of reducing vehicle emissions. The lineups of models that have adopted these new engines do stand out across the range of vehicles offered by the brand.

Hyundai Motor Company has upped the ante in the technological arena by incorporating tough new fuel performance standards. The have also developed a multispeed transmission, a continuous variable valve lift, turbo charged direct injection technology for their gasoline engine. To maximize fuel efficiency and minimize gas emissions causing pollution, the company has developed new power trains for their hybrid vehicles. The exhaust has a very efficient filtering system that helps cut back on carbon emissions.

The Tucson Fuel Cell gives you a 1.6-liter engine which provides thermal efficiency of about 40% and packs 104 horsepower. As an electric vehicle, you can clock about 45 hp more. The engine is paired to a six speed dual clutch transmission which provides a smooth, consistent power curve. The Tucson FC feels nimble, responsive and is quite fun to drive. The electric plug-in hybrid delivers excellent performance and the output is optimized that allows super fast regeneration. The car is a delight to drive delivering both a smooth driving experience

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