Mystery Solved By Our Hyundai Riverside Service Team

You love your vehicle. You take great care of it, keeping it clean and bringing it in for regular maintenance. All of a sudden, your engine light comes on and you’re stunned. Our Hyundai Orange County Service Team at our Corona Car Dealer has diagnosed this issue many times. Here’s one reason your check engine light might come on and it’s a bit unusual.


Making Snacks Out Of Wiring And Hoses

Yes, you read it right. Animals, particularly rodents like squirrels and mice, chew on vehicle wiring and hoses. Although there’s no nutritional value, many times these animals are merely sharpening their teeth on these vehicle parts. What it can mean for you is a stalled vehicle, leaking fluid or electrical system issues.

Prevention Against Damage

There is no absolute way to stop animals from munching on your vehicle’s wiring and other parts. Sometimes, animals can smell food in your vehicle, and try to make their way in to get it. However, we can recommend a few steps to take to try to prevent animals from making your vehicle their favorite food stop.

  • Don’t leave food in your vehicle. We all eat on the run, but don’t have a mini-pantry of snacks and treats in your vehicle. This will entice animals to find a way into your vehicle. Remember, they don’t need to open the doors or windows. They can work their way in from the engine compartment.
  • If you park your vehicle near wooded areas, even if in a garage, check for telltale signs that animals have been visiting. Acorns or other foodstuffs under your vehicle may be a clue that animals are creating their own pantry in your vehicle’s engine, wheel wells or bumpers.
  • Try not to leave your vehicle parked in one place for long periods of time. This may look like a great stationary resort for animals.
  • Use moth balls or traps around your vehicle, when feasible.

Need A Repair? CardinaleWay Hyundai Mechanics Are At Your Service

If you suspect you may have an animal taking up residence in your vehicle, our Hyundai Riverside Service Team will be happy to inspect your vehicle. We are the premier Corona Car Dealer. If your first clue of trouble is the check engine light, bring your vehicle in to our experts. They will thoroughly check your vehicle, run diagnostics and report back any issues they find. You can call us for an appointment or conveniently call to schedule one. You can rest assured that our knowledgeable and experienced Service Team will take great care of your vehicle.

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