2016 Hyundai Azera: Raising the Bar

Hyundai Azera 2

The #2016HyundaiAzera has been impressing us in every aspect. Whether it’s class, comfort or performance, the Azera is what you are looking for. Let’s look at just a few features that make this one the most impressive sedans we have ever seen.


Premium car buyers demand performance and the Azera does not fail to deliver. Under the hood is a 3.3L V6 engine. This delivers 293 hp to ensure that you’ll always have more power under your foot. This vehicle also features Gasoline Direction Injection (GDI) to make sure that the right mix of air and gasoline is constantly entering the engine. This car is seriously fast and is extremely fun to drive.


The #2016HyundaiAzera is sculpted to be comfortable. With 123.3 cubic feet of space, it claims the spot for most spacious in its class. There’s also a smart trunk which allows you to access your trunk without opening it with your hands. What sets the Azera apart is the small things. The proximity key allows you to open the door and start the car just by having the key with you. Smart cruise control is also a feature that is very convenient. After you set the cruise control, the speed will automatically be reduced when a slower car is ahead of you, and speed up again once there is open road ahead. This allows you to cruise without worry. This is a feature you won’t be able to find on most vehicles.


All in all, this vehicle is super polished and is sure to impress anyone who has a chance to sit inside of it. Come by the CardinaleWay Hyundai showroom today and see what all the hype is about. Our extremely knowledgeable team will be sure to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Learn more about our entire lineup at www.cardinalewayhyundai.com.






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